Meet the team

The Founders


Beth is a Competency Specific Veterinary Physiotherapist (SAV #CSVP24/17700) specializing in the SUMCHI Technique (equine bodywork) and the Transeva Technique (ETT). Beth has para-veterinary practices in Hong Kong and South Africa. Both practices service the elite racehorses and equestrian competition horses of all levels.

Beth owns and operates BSET Academy at Manyatta Farm in South Africa. BSET Academy has been operating since 2008 delivering specific instruction in SUMCHI, Equine Transeva Technique (ETT) and Ekwos through the course “Holistic Healing Equine Modalities.” BSET Academy alumni are working Worldwide in the equine industry.

Beth is a graduate of the University of Vermont, USA. She originates from Vermont, where she grew up riding and competing through 4H, Pony Club and Eventing. Beth started playing polo in 1994 and later in her career she was a representative and captain of the South African Ladies Polo Team.


Sara Wyche

A qualified veterinary surgeon and a highly experienced practitioner of holistic medicine, as well as a horse owner and an accomplished dressage rider. Sara is a regular contributor to the equestrian press, and her books are essential to any horse owner, trainer, therapist or enthusiast – any person wanting to improve their horses.

The American Quarter Horse Journal quoted on Saras’ book THE HORSES MUSCLES IN MOTION: “If the horse had an architect, it would be Sara Wyche… Wyche offers a simple, clean way to learn about the part of the horse. It is an essential manual for all riders.”

The Team

Birgit Schroeder

Birgit was the ETT™ Practitioner behind the 1st, 2nd, 3rd placed equine athletes in the 2016 Vodacom Durban July. Birgit has an depth knowledge of ETT™ and is the principal educator of the technique at the BSET Academy. Birgit has made huge contributions to the development of SUMCHI and the technique with an involvement in future education areas.

Nancy Schroding

A hunger for knowledge to improve her horses wellbeing and health found Nancy at BSET Academy, a web and graphic designer as her initial career means Nancy has a very useful array of skills. Nancy has been a key element to developing SUMCHI in the content and practical elements.

Robyn Butterworth

As the Head Academic and Riding facilitator, Robyn’s vast knowledge of the equine has advanced BSET Academy’s academic programme. Currently Robyn is developing the BSET Academy’s Diploma course through EQASA and SAQA.

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