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Beth Shaw


Innovator, Mentor, Inspiration and Teacher,
with a Heart full of love and passion for the horse.

Beth Shaw is originally from Vermont, USA and resides in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa with her son and daughter. Beth graduated from the University of Vermont in 1993, she then set out to travel the world through horse connected jobs. A few years later Beth met the legend of horse physical therapy, Wink’s Greene. Beth studied with Winks for many years, She developed a successful ETT™ practice in South Africa and established BSET Academy in 2008, see the History of BSET Academy for the full story. During February 2018, in a quest to understand more about stress to the Brachial Plexus, Beth travelled to Argyll, Scotland to meet the author of Horse’s Muscles in Motion, Sara Wyche. This meeting between Shaw and Wyche was the foundation of SUMCHI. Later on, in the year of 2018 Beth started ETT™ International in Hong Kong. April 2021, Beth and her team opened to share the SUMCHI Technique.


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