Product care, Safety, Do’s & Dont’s

Sumchi6 tool care:

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  • Wash with cool water and soap after use, avoiding the use of scouring or abrasive materials.
  • Use your SUMCHI Cleaning kit to clean and sterilize your Sumchi6. Wiping it down with a dry cloth and then wipe it down with alcohol to further disinfect it.
  • Please keep your Sumchi6 dry and avoid storing it in humid conditions to prevent tarnishing or in high temperatures such as direct sunlight as this may damage the magnetism.
  • It is recommended to always store your clean and dry Sumchi6 in the anti-magnetic box provided by our company or in your purchase of the anti-magnetic protective cover pouch. This will prevent your Sumchi6 from getting scratched or damaged and reduce the affect or normal operation of nearby electronic products.
  • The Sumchi6 is only recommended to be used as described on this website.

Basic safety around horses:

  • The calmest horse or smallest pony has the potential to cause injury, be aware, their ability to react quickly when feeling threatened is still a strong instinct, learning a few safety precautions can prevent accidents and potential injury.
  • Ensure you have enough cleared space around the horse to move freely without any obstructions to avoid being trapped or injured.
  • Wear sturdy hard-toed shoes or boots that will protect your feet if the horse or pony steps on them. Do not wear sandals, flip-flops, mesh athletic shoes or any thin shoes in a stable or around horses.
  • Always approach the horse from the front or their shoulder, make sure to get their attention before touching them.
  • Having a calm and quiet manner will always soothe a horse and make working with them much easier.
  • When tying a horse, make sure to use a quick-release knot or breakaway link, a scared horse can become more frightened when feeling constrained and potentially injure themselves.
  • The safest place to stand is beside your horse’s shoulder where you can see each other clearly.
  • Don’t leave a tied horse unattended, he could get caught and injured or should he get loose he could cause havoc.
  • Never tie yourself to a horse or wrap/loop the lead or reins around your hand, should they get a fright you can easily be trampled or dragged.
  • Always tie and lead your horse safely with a halter and lead rope. Hooking your fingers through the rings or straps is dangerous as your fingers could be caught if they pulled away and you could be dragged if they ran off.
  • Always be aware of your horses response, keep an eye on his ears, facial expressions and his hindlegs.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • DO make sure water is readily available for your horse as staying hydrated is important in helping the body excrete toxins released throughout the Sumchi session.
  • DO note that after using the Sumchi6 the skin can be a bit sensitive, ensure that your horse stays warm in the sun or with a light blanket on. The blood vessels and natural pathways of the meridians and fascia lines are dilated encouraging flow and circulation, a chill can cause the body to tense up and cause blockages.
  • DO avoid spreading bacteria or skin disease, sanitize your Sumchi6 after each use.
  • DO use water as a lubricant and not other massage oils.
  • DO use gentle pressure at all times and pay attention to your horses reactions when using the Sumchi6
  • DO become familiar with some of the horses anatomy and the points of the horse – see our recommended reading list (Members only)

  • DO NOT keep Sumchi6 beside electronic devices, keep at least 30cm away to avoid possible interference or malfunction from the magnetic field
  • DO NOT use Sumchii6 on pregnant mares.
  • DO NOT use Sumchi6 on any area that is showing extreme sensitivity. Also be careful when working on the head and over bony landmarks.
  • DO NOT use Sumchi6 on damaged skin, open wounds, skin conditions such as rain scald, recent injuries that are swollen and under analgesic medication. Be careful when dealing with old scars as these can show sensitivity to magnetism. If any irritation occurs that does not subside after 24hours we recommend contacting your Veterinarian.
  • DO NOT continue with a stroke if your horse is responding negatively, reduce the pressure and speed of your hand movements first and monitor his response, if he is still uncomfortable move to another area and come back later or on another day.
  • DO NOT use hot water to clean your Sumchi6, this will cause the magnetism to diminish over time.
  • DO NOT ride immediately after your first session with your Sumchi6,. Assess your horses reactions and determine how he feels, rather let him out into the field or take him for a walk in hand. Once you and your horse are accustomed to the Sumchi6 you can determine if it is safe to ride after a Sumchi6 session, safety is always priority.