Frequently Asked Questions!

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When should I use my Sumchi6?

A full routine is similar to a massage. I prefer a massage after a hard workout or before/during a day off. Spot treatment can be discussed on a case by case basis during a SUMCHI coaching session.

Can I hurt my horse with Sumchi6?

Too much pressure or rough movement over bony areas can cause discomfort, always be aware of how your horse is responding to you.

My horse doesn’t want me to work on her chest, what should I do? (answer applies to any body area)

Sometimes resistance can indicate tension and a need to work through the restriction, if you are faced with resistance take a little pressure off and try to ease off before the reaction, anticipate the resistance and develop sensitivity. Often the next time you work on this area it will be slightly better. If you are at all concerned, please contact your veterinarian.

My horse is lame, can a SUMCHI Session help?

Always seek the advice of your vet with lameness or illness.

How often can I do a Sumchi6 session with my horse?

To start you can do a Level 1 routine 2x a week. A section could be done every other day, there are so many variables to making the best plan for your individual horse. We suggest communicating with your vet, trainer and routine practitioner

My horse recently had colic surgery, can I help him with SUMCHI?

Yes most definitely, please consult your vet first and develop a plan.

My horse bites during the session?

If your horse shows aggression towards you then it’s a clear indication you are going too hard. Lighten the pressure considerably or move into a different stroke. Nibbling you – saying “thank you, that feels really good, you’ve got the spot.” Nibbling himself – usually a nerve coming online, or activity around an acupressure point

Can I compete after a session with Sumchi6?

There are many variables to this question. For best results it is recommend to do Level 2, 3 to 4 days before a competition. It is recommended to discuss with your routine practitioner and trainer. Otherwise, Beth can help organize a plan during a SUMCHI coaching session.

Can I SUMCHI while my horse is eating?

This is a personal preference. I encourage the horses to eat, although they usually stop and concentrate on the strokes.

If my horse has had the chiropractor can I SUMCHI after? (any other modality of treatment)

Consult the person that worked on your horse for their recommendation.

Can I use the Sumchi6 on my foal to develop a better relationship?

A gentle use of the strokes is a great way to bond with your foal.

My horse has ulcers, can I use the Sumchi6 on him?

Ulcers are secondary to many factors. SUMCHI Stroke Routines have been noted to reduce discomfort in the horse. Treating the SI and ST meridian might also be beneficial the wellbeing of your horse.

My horse is cold backed and girthy, can the SUMCHI help with this?

We are putting together a series of short videos on how to work with some common conditions, sign up to see these videos or participate in an online coaching session for more advice on your horse specifically.

Am I, as an Equine therapist able to incorporate this technique and Sumchi6 into my routine?

We think Sumchi6 is a great addition to any bodyworker or therapist. The concept is so simple and effective and can really help to improve the fascia which will allow your other modalities to be more effective.

How do I know if I am doing it correctly?

You will feel good and you horse will show enjoyment. Other great signals may be seen such as licking and chewing, sighing, full body shaking, head lowering, yawning and snorting.

If I lose my place or focus during a routine, where do I go back to?

Start at the beginning of the stroke again, the aim is to generate a flow. It does not have to be perfect s take the time to practice and go slowly. Take your time and enjoy the moment.

My horse looks like he is falling asleep! Is that normal?

That is a great sign, often happens during the Froggy Stroke

What should I do with my horse after a SUMCHI Session?

I let them have time to their selves…to have a wee, shake and or drink. Then what is next in their daily routine.

Can I just do sections of the horse, perhaps just the neck strokes and wither?

Yes definitely, but most beneficial is the full routine, aim for this at each session.

Most important is to relax and enjoy this time with your horse.

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