Sumchi6 Handheld Magnetic Massager

Designed for you to massage and improve the fascia by following the SUMCHI Stroke Routines.

SUMCHI Stroke Routines

A series of movements using the Sumchi6, flowing across the contours of the horses body. Move through Level 1 explained in detail with charts and videos.

What are SUMCHI Levels?

SUMCHI Stroke Routine a foundation of basic strokes.

Add 6 new strokes. An intermediate routine. Available to Members.

Advanced strokes and intro
to dual Sumchi6 Techniques.
Available to Members.

SUMCHI Channels, building your own routines
Available to Members.

Join our SUMCHI Members Program

  • Learn from professionals
  • Membership includes references on ANATOMY, MERIDIANS, FASCIA and more
  • LIVE Q&A sessions with previous recorded sessions
  • Private FB Group to share experiences and interact with Beth
  • Experience additional Levels to improve your SUMCHI Stroke Routine


Nancy Schroding – ETT Practitioner Spain

There is something about the feeling when you connect with your horse, in the quiet moments, there is peace, understanding and most importantly a sense of Wellbeing. SUMCHI is going to be the change so many horses need.

Caty Greve – ETT Practitioner SA

“The Sumchi6 is going to sell like hot cakes! I love it!”

Staci Weitz-Hayward, ETT Practitioner NZ

“The horses are loving the Sumchi6 treatments and responding well to it, giving loads of releases and moving into me when I stop and move away, almost wanting me to carry on!

Nikita Canot – ETT Practitioner (UK)

“SUMCHI has helped me connect with different horses and gain their trust. They love the releases and how it feels, it really makes you feel like you are helping.”

Birgit Schroder – Leading ETT Practitioner in South Africa, with 6 consecutive Group 1 wins at Durban July.

“I have found Sumchi6 awesome in targeting fascia restriction and making my ETT sessions easier”

Anel Louw – Equine Therapist (Cape Town, SA)

“A lovely little tool to have in your ‘toolbox’. Working the fascia and getting results made easy, bonus is the horses love it!”