SUMCHI Technique

A revolutionary magnetic Massage technique for your horse

SUMCHI Technique & Sumchi6 magnetic handheld massager, is for you, the horse enthusiast to enhance Horse Wellbeing and Improve Performance.

What Is SUMCHI Technique?

SUMCHI Technique is a revolutionary magnetic massage technique for your horse. SUMCHI Technique works by applying the Sumchi6 magnetic massager to the horse’s skin through the movement of SUMCHI Strokes. SUMCHI Technique has the ability to improve your horse’s circulation, muscle function, locomotion and performance.

Beth Shaw has designed easy to follow SUMCHI Strokes and Stroke Routines for you to effectively massage your horse. The stroke routines are explained over 4 Levels. Level 1 consists of six foundation strokes and is available for free on this website.

Who is Beth Shaw?

The Founder of SUMCHI – Beth Shaw

Beth is a Competency Specific Veterinary Physiotherapist (SAV #CSVP24/17700) specializing in the SUMCHI Technique (equine bodywork) and ETT Transeva Technique (ETT). Beth has para-veterinary practices in Hong Kong and South Africa.

Beth owns and operates BSET Academy at Manyatta Farm in South Africa. BSET Academy has been operating since 2008 delivering specific instruction in SUMCHI, Equine Transeva Technique (ETT) and Ekwos through the course “Holistic Healing Equine Modalities.” BSET Academy alumni are working Worldwide in the equine industry.

Get Started With A Sumchi6

The SUMCHI technique uses a magnetic massager, the Sumchi6, specially designed for you to massage and clear a horse’s energy channels.

The Sumchi6 comes in two designs, the Sumchi6 HEART and the Sumchi6 DIAMOND. The Sumchi6 HEART is designed with a larger head to each prong giving a softer contact while the Sumchi6 DIAMOND has more pointed heads allowing a deeper penetration during use.

Join Our Membership Program

The SUMCHI Technique works by applying the Sumchi6 magnetic tool to the horse’s skin through the movement of strokes. For the best results use SUMCHI Strokes in the outlined SUMCHI Levels. Level 1 is available for FREE. Level 2, 3 and 4 are available when you sign up for SUMCHI Membership.

Join our membership programme to view video tutorials of the SUMCHI strokes.


“The Sumchi6 is going to sell like hot cakes! I love it!”
159296484_10161438587348849_6995780059645785423_oCaty Greve, ETT Practitioner SA
“The horses are loving the Sumchi6 treatments and responding well to it, giving loads of releases and moving into me when I stop and move away, almost wanting me to carry on!
31958237_10216053993010690_1871196154264289280_oStaci Weitz-Hayward, ETT Practitioner NZ
“SUMCHI has helped me connect with different horses and gain their trust. They love the releases and how it feels, it really makes you feel like you are helping.”
35548187_1322243841242474_2250270053708595200_oNikita Canot, ETT Practitioner (UK)
“I have found Sumchi6 awesome in targeting fascia restriction and making my ETT sessions easier”
SUMCHI-website-banner-BSET-AcademyBirgit Schroder, Leading ETT Practitioner in South Africa, with 6 consecutive Group 1 wins at Durban July.
“A lovely little tool to have in your ‘toolbox’. Working the fascia and getting results made easy, bonus is the horses love it!”
147627638_10160625989658957_8546757724814542030_nAnel Louw, Equine Therapist (Cape Town, SA)

“I’m loving the Sumchi6 Heart and Diamond. I am practicing Level 1 & focusing on getting a good flow and incorporate with the sports massage strokes I have previously learned. It’s very Interesting how some horses prefer the Sumchi6 to hands on in different areas. It also saves my hands /recovering broken wrist.”

SUMCHI Equine bodyworkerEllie, Professional Equine Bodyworker, UK

Learn the Level 1 Stroke Routine on Our YouTube Channel for Free

Follow us on YouTube to learn about this evolutionary massage technique, connect with your horse, improve your awareness and learn the unique Level 1 SUMCHI Stroke Routine. We do this all for the well-being of the horse.