Sumchi6 Handheld Magnetic Massager

Designed for you to massage and improve the fascia by following the SUMCHI Stroke Routines.

SUMCHI Stroke Routines

A series of movements using the Sumchi6, flowing across the contours of the horses body. Move through Level 1 explained in detail with charts and videos.

What are SUMCHI Levels?

SUMCHI Stroke Routine a foundation of basic strokes.

Add 6 new strokes. An intermediate routine. Available to Members.

Advanced strokes and intro
to dual Sumchi6 Techniques.
Available to Members.

SUMCHI Channels, building your own routines
Available to Members.

Join our SUMCHI Members Program

  • Learn from professionals
  • Membership includes references on ANATOMY, MERIDIANS, FASCIA and more
  • LIVE Q&A sessions with previous recorded sessions
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  • Experience additional Levels to improve your SUMCHI Stroke Routine