Stroke Levels

What Are SUMCHI Stroke Levels

SUMCHI Technique uses 4 levels to introduce precisely choreographed SUMCHI strokes. The SUMCHI strokes flow together into easy-to-follow stroke routines which improve the function and balance of the muscle hubs and fascia tension of the equine collagen matrix.

In the context of equine anatomy, the collagen matrix is particularly important for maintaining the health and function of the horse’s musculoskeletal system. It provides tensile strength and resilience to tissues subjected to mechanical stress, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, allowing for smooth and efficient movement.

Optimizing the function and balance of the equine collagen matrix is essential for promoting overall performance, preventing injuries, and enhancing horse wellbeing. SUMCHI Technique aims to improve the health and integrity of the collagen matrix through the specific SUMCHI strokes.

4 Levels of SUMCHI Strokes


Level: 1 SUMCHI Stroke Routine, a foundation of basic strokes to use with your Sumchi6. Charts and videos FREE


Level 2: SUMCHI Stroke Routine adds 6 new strokes. Increasing the flow to create an intermediate routine. Available with Membership.


Level 3: Adds advanced strokes and introduces SUMCHI’s Concertina. Available with Membership.


Level 4: Learn about building your own routines to balance and improve the function of your horse’s collagen matrix. Available with Membership.

SUMCHI’s Concertina (Level 3)

SUMCHI’s Concertina is a diagram of muscle hubs, diagonal lines of fascia tension and the 3 balance points of equine equilibrium within the collagen matrix, which  supports equine locomotion

Working with Sara and SUMCHI’s Concertina has allowed Beth to deepen her understanding of equine anatomy and locomotion.  With this knowledge, Beth can articulate how SUMCHI strokes work synergistically with the collagen matrix to optimize the horse’s energy pathways and promote overall well-being. This insight not only enhances her own practice but also empowers her to educate others on the importance of achieving balance and harmony within the body to support optimal function and fluidity of locomotion.

Beth is a Competency Specific Veterinary Physiotherapist (SAV #CSVP24/17700) specializing in the SUMCHI Technique (equine bodywork)  and the Transeva Technique (ETT). Beth has para-veterinary practices in Hong Kong and South Africa. Both practices service the elite racehorses and equestrian competition horses of all levels.  When time allows, she services horses worldwide with a focus in China, Dubai and the USA. She also travels internationally to teach the SUMCHI Technique through 3 day clinics.

Beth owns and operates BSET Academy at Manyatta Farm in South Africa. BSET Academy has been operating since 2008 delivering specific instruction in SUMCHI, Equine Transeva Technique (ETT) and Ekwos through the course “Holistic Healing Equine Modalities.” BSET Academy alumni are working Worldwide in the equine industry.

Beth is a graduate of the University of Vermont, USA.  She originates from Vermont, where she grew up riding and competing through 4H, Pony Club and Eventing.  Beth started playing polo in 1994 and later in her career she was a representative and captain of the South African Ladies Polo Team.

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