With the SUMCHI team of professionals you will be able to take your Sumchi6 and reach your full potential. We will be offering various courses online, pre-recorded webinars and live online coaching, where you will be able to work on your horse whilst a SUMCHI professional guides you in the process, you will be able to have all your questions answered and maximize your efficacy!

Online Coaching Session

Beth Shaw provides a guided coaching session with you and your horse, PRIVATE or SEMI PRIVATE session, in the comfort of your own stable. Move through the SUMCHI Stroke Routine and ask any questions. Beth will be able to observe you and help you with your positioning, hand placements and movements, all this to make your SUMCHI Stroke Routine more effective. Beth will help you to be more aware of your horses’ feedback and teach you what to look for! Zoom platform with a free recording of your session available for download.

Watch a Previous Coaching Session

These valuable videos come from students at BSET Academy learning the methods of SUMCHI and how to use the Sumchi6.

Upcoming Workshops

Due to the current COVID pandemic, “in person” workshops are on hold. We highly recommend a personalized online coaching session until we can meet in person. Email us if you want to be notified when workshops are being planned.

Organise a Workshop

We love to share SUMCHI and if you would like to organize a workshop at your facilities please contact us. The current COVID pandemic has put a temporary hold on workshops but contact us for a future date.